Self Sensing Morphing Textiles: Omnifiber


OmniFiber developed at MIT, is like a super flexible string that can move and feel things. It's not just any string though; it's a high-tech string made of tiny tubes filled with fluid that can change its shape and sense what's happening to it. This technology opens up a world of possibilities for how we interact with things around us.

Imagine wearing a piece of clothing that can teach you how to move better. OmniFiber can be woven into clothes to create what we call "kinesthetic wearables." These special clothes can help you learn new skills by guiding your movements and giving you feedback, almost like having a personal trainer built into your outfit.

But OmniFiber isn't just for improving your dance moves. It can also be used to create garments that adjust to your body shape. These dynamic fitting garments can change their size and shape to fit you perfectly, no matter how much you move or what you're doing.

And it's not just about wearing OmniFiber; it can also be used to make things you can touch and feel. Imagine shaking someone's hand over the internet and actually feeling their touch through a special device made with OmniFiber. These textile-based haptic devices can recreate the sense of touch, making remote communication feel more real and personal.

So, how does OmniFiber work? Well, it's all about those tiny tubes filled with fluid. These tubes, or actuators, can change shape when the fluid inside them moves around. And thanks to some clever engineering, OmniFiber can sense its own movements and respond accordingly. This means it can adapt to different situations and provide feedback in real-time.

There are different types of OmniFiber, each suited to different tasks. Some are better at exerting force, which makes them useful for things like helping people move or assisting with rehabilitation. Others are more stretchy and can change shape in different ways, making them perfect for creating soft displays or expressive robots.

But no matter what type of OmniFiber you're using, they all share some key features. They're incredibly thin and flexible, so they can be woven into all sorts of things without feeling bulky or uncomfortable. They also react quickly to changes, with a response time of less than 50 Hz, and they can exert a lot of force when needed.

To make OmniFiber even more versatile, it's designed in layers. Inside, there's a fluid that moves around to change the shape of the fiber. Surrounding that are sensors that can detect how the fiber is bending or stretching. And on the outside, there's a woven mesh that helps control the fiber's movements.

All of these layers work together to give OmniFiber its unique capabilities. Whether it's helping you learn a new skill, adjusting to your body shape, or creating a sense of touch from afar, OmniFiber is revolutionizing how we interact with the world around us. And with its endless possibilities, it's sure to shape the future of technology in exciting new ways.

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